Mink Myths and Truths- Animal safety and Customer do’s and don’ts

‘Guilt-free’ 3D mink eyelashes are mascara’s mature older sister; you should join the latest trend.
There is this common misconception that 3D mink eyelashes are an example of the fashion world putting animals in danger. But this is not the complete story. Lushes London is a UK based company that provides women of all ages with the best quality eyelashes in the market. As well as making sure that our women look and feel glamorous, we also aim to make sure that our eyelashes do not violate the rules of animal cruelty. The aforementioned purposes are the foundations of Lushes London as a company.
So how do we prevent harm? Our mink lashes are 100% natural Siberian mink fur, which has been gently brushed from live Minks or collected from zoos during the shedding season and then thoroughly sterilized. Our products are hypoallergenic and free from chemical processing and dyes. This gives our eyelashes a lightweight and featherlike quality which provides our customers with a natural yet spectacular high-drama appearance.
Eyelash users, especially new customers, often question whether applying 3D mink lashes could cause harm to their natural eyelashes. However, they do not ruin the health of natural eyelashes if customers are careful when dealing with them. Our customers are advised to not rub, tug or pull the 3D mink lashes when removing them, as this can cause lash loss and even damage natural eyelashes. Instead, our customers are advised to gently apply and remove their lashes.
To get a complete desirable look as well as feel comfortable, customers should also remember to measure and cut their 3D mink eyelashes to fit their eyelids (as of course, our customers will have different eye shapes). To keep the eyelashes secure, customers should use an eye plucker to safely secure the 3D mink lashes to their natural lashes. It is also mentioned in our packaging label, that customers would not need to apply mascara on the 3D mink lashes, as this may damage the lashes.
So, what else should our customers look for? The Lushes team advise customers to read the packaging label for the adhesive our customers choose to use (as this is not yet provided with our eyelashes). The adhesive used should be ‘pharmaceutical grade’ and be safe to use in the eye area. It is also advised that the adhesive should be applied on the eyelash and not directly on the eyelid, as this could cause irritation to the eyes. Customers should also wait around 30 seconds for the glue to dry on the eyelash before applying them to the eyelids.
The Lushes team aims to provide our customers with the best appearance, feeling and experience when using our ‘Lushes’. We also aim to help our customers achieve their desired look, safely and easily when using 3D mink lashes for a more realistic look.
So, stick to the rules and stick to the trends!
The Lushes team xox
P.S. Oh, and they can also be used for up to 25 times, so make sure to keep them safe!