Mink Myths and Truths- Animal safety and Customer do’s and don’ts

‘Guilt-free’ 3D mink eyelashes are mascara’s mature older sister; you should join the latest trend. There is this common misconception that 3D mink eyelashes are an example of the fashion world putting animals in danger. But this is not the complete story. Lushes London is a UK based company that provides women of all ages with the best quality eyelashes in the market. As well as making sure that our women look and feel glamorous, we also aim to make sure that our eyelashes do not violate the rules of animal cruelty. The aforementioned purposes are the foundations of Lushes London as a company. So how do we prevent harm? Our mink lashes are 100% natural Siberian mink fur, which...

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Press Release

Lushes London debuts collection of 3D Mink Eyelashes Lushes launches with a debut selection of 100% Mink 3D eyelashes. The collection consists of three different styles; Kinda Sexy, Spoil Me and Ever Yours. Lushes is a UK based company that provide the most luxurious 3D Mink eyelashes in the market. Each style is customised to suit every persons’ preference and aims to achieve that fabulous, glam look you’ve always dreamed of! What is the Lushes ethos? Well it's pretty simple, we are all about understanding the modern woman, we believe in helping women of all ages feel and look better by offering the most luxurious product to achieve the most luscious lushes. What are Lushes 3D Mink Eyelashes? Lushes 3D...

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Launch Day!

Lushes launch day! We are very excited to announce our new eyelash line; Ever Yours, Kind Sexy & Spoil Me. Use code Lushes101 to get discount off your first order!

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