Application & Care

How to show love to your Lushes!
Our Lushes are known for their high quality and durability, enabling them to last up to 25 times. Be sure to care and clean your Lushes after each wear.
How to apply your Lushes

Caring for your Lushes

Applying mascara on your Lushes will ruin
the quality of the fur.
Do not use liquids as this may ruin the
style of your Lushes. As the eyelashes
are made out of 100% real mink fur you
can use them as many times as possible
as long as you do not apply products
or water on them.
Take extra care when you are removing
your Lushes from the box.
We recommend you use nail scissors
to avoid cutting off too much and
damaging the eyelash.
Show your Lushes some love by storing
them away in their original box.
This will ensure the shape and quality
will remain Lush!